AACA Eastern Region’s Fall Classic Recap

We just returned from Hershey, PA where we attended the AACA Eastern Region’s Fall Classic featuring over 1,000 classic cars. Classic cars are defined as 25 years and older and customized and street rods are not included in that category. It was an amazing collection of cars from nearly every design period. Next to us in the car corral, we had a beautifully restored 1925 Nash from Vermont on one side and some classic Cadillac’s on the other. We ended up striking a deal with some new friends from Austria who took our lovingly restored 1966 Mustang home, so if you happen to be in Vienna be sure to look for it cruising the streets!

I really love the variety of automobiles at Hershey and the AACA is to be commended on structuring this event every year .. if there was one place you wanted to go to get an education on automobile history that you can see and touch, this is it.

Look for us at the Atlantic City car show in February (http://www.acclassiccars.com)

Hope to see you