About us

Classic cars were built for a purpose and that is to be driven


Mid-Atlantic Classic Cars was formed to obtain and refresh cars that were important to us in our youth,  as well as significant in the development of the automobile industry.  We are particularly fond of the 1960’s muscle era, but appreciate the beauty of the 1930’s through 1950’s designs.  We strive to obtain original examples where possible and bring them back to as functioning and useful vehicles.  Classic cars were built for a purpose and that is to be driven, so if you decide that we have the car of your dreams, then we hope you’ll treat it with respect, pamper  it, but above all else:   use and enjoy it!


George Tim Hartman owner and principal. Tim is a long time car enthusiast and restorer. His love for cars started at an early age restoring Ford Model “A’s” with his father. Tim is now enjoying working with his son Kenton instilling as his father did a true passion for automobiles. Kenton has a keen eye for detail and quality that makes him a perfect fit in our organization. Tim appreciates timeless design as he has a successful restoration business focused on historical significant homes and commercial structures in the mid atlantic area. Tim organized this company with financial backing from other car enthusiasts to provide great cars that people can actually use.

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