Atlantic City K Code Fever

I just returned from Atlantic City from the Classic Car show and auction put on by G Potter King and had a great time meeting Mustang enthusiasts from up and down the East coast.   I haven’t been to this show since it used to be on the Boardwalk almost 20 years ago, so I was surprised when we were in the AC convention center with hundreds of cars.  This show isn’t like a Barrett Jackson or a Mecum, but it’s a lot more approachable because you have lots of people who just want to see the cars.  It’s wonderful to be able to educate and in many cases learn new things from people and there was a huge amount of traffic on Saturday to view the:

There was so much interest in the two Mustangs, that I actually was interviewed and photographed by one of the New Jersey newspapers (The Press of Atlantic City) on restoration and preparing for a car show or auction.  Although they didn’t get my quote right that its preparing for a car show that takes 50-200 hours, not a restoration …  I’ve never had a restoration that easy!   You can read the full article at:

We had a great deal of interest from people including many teens and children.  This is always an area of controversy at car shows whether you should let people touch and sit in your cars.  I can appreciate the hesitation as you put so much time, money and effort into restoring them and sometimes attendees are not as courteous or respectful as they should be.  However, as restorers, collectors and enthusiasts we should remember that if we don’t nurture the interest of younger people in these cars, then who will be the enthusiasts and buyers in the future?

So my recommendation to car show attendees is:

  • Please be courteous: don’t touch without asking, but don’t be afraid to ask.   Put down your food, drinks, etc. before you get near the car but by all means ask questions and learn .. the stories behind these cars are as least as much fun as the cars themselves.

To car owners, my recommendation is:

  • Relax. Your car’s been through a lot worse in the past 40-50 years .. some handprints and smudges can always be cleaned off.  Think of the joy you bring when you let someone take a picture of their children next to your car!   You should be honored they like it that much.
  • A smile never hurts when you are displaying your car and even if you aren’t trying to sell your vehicle at that point, smile anyway.  It’s a wonderful community of enthusiasts and we want it to grow and be vibrant for many years to come

Many thanks to all of our fans who came by to see us and all the new friends we met and made.  Please remember to “LIKE US” on Facebook, and please keep checking back on our “Inventory in Progress” tab to see how we are doing with the Mustang K Code, the Torino Cobra Jet and the Cougar XR-7 Convertible.

All the best, Tim