International Buyers – Germany and Austria

1965 Ford Mustang FastbackWelcome to our friends from Germany and Austria who appreciate and love classic American cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was our first year of operation at the Hershey PA car show where we were approached by a gentlemen from Austria who fell in love with our 1966 original California Mustang coupe. He was very generous with his time in helping us to understand the great interest in classic American cars. Ultimately that became our first international sale and we have met some great individuals from Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Vienna in the years since.

If you are interested in finding a classic American car from the 1960’s – 70’s, please consider MACC to provide assistance whether a basic search or a full purchase/restoration and shipment to your home. The process is far simpler than you may be aware of and in 2014 there are declining tariffs which makes this an even more affordable investment for you. A few testimonials from our recent clients and new friends:

I purchased a wonderful 1966 Mustang coupe that I have added to my collection and drive during the summer. It is a unique piece and I think MACC and Tim specialize in only one thing … Quality. I look forward to my next purchase from them ……. Hans Jurgen E. (Salzburg)

Awesome car! Arrived two weeks ago in perfect condition and was even better than I expected. Tim was great in sending me pictures and background and also very honest on what had to be addressed on the car. I chose to have his shop do the work and I’ve been driving this car everywhere with no issues. Highly recommend them …… Kurt K (Frankfurt, GE)

MACC believes that classic cars are meant to be used and driven and that is how we express our love of these vehicles. If you have a special car you would like us to help you find in the US/Canada, please email us at and tell us about what you are interested in and an approximate budget. We are happy to help educate you on the logistics and costs to have your vehicle safely delivered to you in your home country. It is much easier than you may think. MACC can provide full or partial services from helping to find your dream car or basic maintenance to full restoration if that is your desire.

Please view our existing inventory at: and let us know if you have interest in any of our current cars. Also, please check out the past sales to get an idea of what we have procured for other clients. Of course, please feel free to email or contact us to discuss what other vehicles we have in restoration or what you think you may wish assistance in finding. We recommend you reach out to us via email, but we can also be reached at:

Tel: US 1-410-916-1694

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