Sell Your Classic Car

If your looking for the “right firm” to purchase or consign your classic car or you are in financial need for a sale, please contact us via email at with a full and detailed description of your vehicle.  Include the following at a minimum or we will not be able to respond to you:

  • Full written description of the car and its history.  Highlight documentation you have available including, but not limited to:  original bill of sale, restoration receipts, titles, history of ownership, original car manuals, etc.
  • Pictures of the exterior (front view, driver side view, passenger side view, rear view).  If a convertible, please provide side views with both top up and top down.
  • Pictures of the interior (dashboard, front seats and console, rear seat, roof liner, trunk)
  • Pictures of the engine compartment and if possible, pictures of the underside
  • Lastly, a description and close-up pictures of any areas where you see damage to the car.  Keep in mind that what you consider serious damage, we may be used to seeing in the restoration process so the best approach is for all of this to be known up front so we can provide you the best purchase price possible.

We are always happy to consider a purchase of your classic, but let us outline a few guidelines to save your time and ours:

  • Largely original equipment and solid body.  If your car has significant body damage, prior accident, extensive rust damage, etc. then we are not going to be interested in your vehicle unless it is a unique design (i.e. 1930’s Zephyr).  However, if you have minor rust damage, dings, etc.  then include pictures of where you see the damage and we can give you an idea up front what our interest level would be.
  • Style and type. We are relatively open to notable vehicles from the 1930’s, 1950’s and the Muscle car era.  We tend to favor American brands but will consider selected foreign automobiles
  • Documentation – lack of documentation doesn’t mean we won’t purchase your classic but it may impact the value of the vehicle.

We will treat your classic with respect and work to find it the right home. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: or at 410-916-1694

All the best, Tim

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