Tim’s June Updates

Cars that have sold

I have gotten a number of emails recently on cars that people have seen on our site, but are no longer featured.  When this occurs, it is because the car has been sold.  We do list the inventory in the “SOLD” category of the website.

I have received requests to notify our web community when we are going to sell certain inventory and although I cannot practically do that when I receive a call or email, I will try and let people know when we are taking inventory to auction.  The best advice I can offer is that if you find one of our vehicles you have an interest in, by all means call or email and let’s discuss your interest.  I appreciate its painful when you spot a car that might be ‘the one’ for you and then it’s sold when you next visit the site.  I can only ask that you check the site frequently and don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try and announce upcoming auctions.

Mecum 25th Anniversary Auction – Indianapolis, IN (May 2012)

Speaking of auctions, my partner and I took three of our vehicles to Dana Mecum’s auction this past May and it was quite a show!  You have read my other excerpts of Barrett Jackson auctions, etc. but Dana is a “unique” individual who has built a tremendous business over the past 25+ years and he is broadly trusted and turned to by both buyers and sellers.   As some of the great car collector’s age and sometimes pass on, they or their estates turn to Dana to manage the sale of those collections which often include cars that have been off the market for 40 years or more.  The great collectors not only restore, but both use and maintain their vehicles.  Those of our readers who have tracked Mid-Atlantic know that I am a huge believer that these vehicles are rolling works of art, but unlike the stuff you hang on your walls these cars must be used both for their longevity and yours.

Mid-Atlantic sold two of our excellent Buick’s (the GS and my personal 1968 Riviera).  It’s always a little bittersweet to sell a car that has been part of you, but both Buick’s were purchased by great individuals who will give the cars the attention and driving they deserve.  Best wishes to both of them.

For those of you (there appear to be many) who want to know where did the gorgeous Hertz Replica 1965 Fastback go?  It also sold at the Mecum auction and a very enthusiastic individual from Germany was the purchaser.  Between my best attempts at German and his attempts at English, I managed to convey more of the history of the car and I think he will be very happy cruising the Autobahn and the streets of Frankfurt, GE with it  .. he will certainly be unique!


I apologize that I haven’t posted much of an update on our restorations in progress and I readily admit that I’m a little behind the due dates we posted on the website, but that’s the nature of restoration.  Currently, we have in restoration:

  • An original 1971 Torino Cobra Jet, with a crate 429 motor that I am working on.
  • A 1966 Ford Mustang K Code Coupe

I am about to release the 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 out of restoration and please check back on our site for a full description and pictures of it.   I will set the price for it at that time for those of you have inquired as unfortunately I cannot respond to all of the individual emails on this car.